Monday , September 26 2016


U.S. Troops under risk for ISIS battle

A US Apache helicopter takes to the air during an aerial gunnery exercise at a military firing range in Pocheon, near the heavily-fortified border with North Korea, on January 23, 2009.  The new US administration will make North Korea's nuclear disarmament a priority despite other pressing world problems, South Korea's chief nuclear negotiator said.  AFP PHOTO/JUNG YEON-JE (Photo credit should read JUNG YEON-JE/AFP/Getty Images)

In Syria and Iraq, not advertised before,  fight with ISIS continue so harsh.  U.S. service member gain a Silver Star is showing the growing danger U.S. troops are face to as they advise and assist forces. Navy SEAL Charles Keating whose post mortem received the nation’s third-highest award for combat valor. He is one of them that participated in a main fight in Syria in March. He was killed in Iraq while helping …

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Anton Yelchin, Star Trek actor, dies in accident


Recent Star Trek movies actor Anton Yelchin, 27, was killed in an accident on Sunday morning. Her was also known for his performance in the movies “Like Crazy” and “Alpha Dog”. He died in Los Angles.   Jennifer Houser and Los Angeles Police Department. said he stepped out from his car after his car  slid backwards and pinned him against …

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ISIS in Falluja


Iraqi forces and ISIS’s small military unit fighting in besieged city Falluja. Iraqi forces made fast advancement in the city, but ISIS’s ruthless push take it back again in a couple days. “we promised you the liberation of Falluja and we retook it,” the region’s governor later declaring on Twitter that Falluja has “returned to the nation.” said Iraq’s Prime …

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Tim Peake returned back to earth


At the end of the six-month mission, Britain’s first spaceman is turned back to earth. Tim Peake  was together with  Russian cosmonaut Yuri Malenchenko and U.S astronaut Timothy Kopra, they all were landed in a Soyuz capsule in Kazakhstan after spending an exactly 186 days in space  on Saturday. Peake tweeted just before the Soyuz spacecraft took off: “What an incredible …

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Is Google using another firm’s ideas?

Only a couple of months back, Google started the tests on its new Wi-Fi project that is going to be powered with balloons. The project is called ‘Project Loon.’ It is an idea which suggests utilizing a system of balloons, which go along the edge of space to bring web access to even the most remote regions of the world. …

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Plastic bottled water use is increasing day by day

Almost 30 percent of people, which means 3 people in 10, confess that they consume plastic bottled water at home according to the findings of a survey conducted by OnePoll. The new research suggests that people, especially children, are consuming bottled water. The research was conducted on children who are between 4 to 18 years old children. According to its …

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What influences people’s sexual orientation?

Between 2 and 11 percent of grown-ups have reported that they have had homosexual feelings in their lifes at least once. However, what decides a man’s sexual character is, to a great extent, a mystery. For a considerable length of time, researchers have tried to come up with an answer, investigating the impact of siblings and particular genes, and a …

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Diabetes is a more serious condition that it is thought

According to a charity, 4,500 people are reported to be diagnosed with diabetes over the UK every 7 days. Diabetes UK indicated that in 2016, 235,000 individuals who have gone to the doctor (a significant number of them go for overweight problems) were diagnosed with diabetes. The results, published to mark Diabetes Week, underline the size of the “emergency” surrouinding …

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A couple beat a taxi driver and two teens, who were there to help

A young couple, whose ages are 21 and 20, were accused of attacking a taxi driver. Supposedly, they assaulted a cab driver. Two young people incidentally came across the incident while passing by and tried to help the taxi driver, yet they were also beaten by the young couple. The couple were arrested within the scope of attacking three people …

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Russian fans attacked to the England fans

England supporters have gone under assault inside the stadium after the their match finished 1-1 with Russia. Reports from the Stade Velodrome in Marseille indicated that after the match was over, Russian fans trespass to the England supporters’ area in the stadium and attacked them. It has been reported that over 20 England supporters got injured during the unfortunate incident. …

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With this test, Alzheimer’s disease could be detected earlier

A group of researchers has recently improved a blood test that makes accurate predictions about people’s potential to have Alzheimer’s disease in the future. In order to detect, it uses the body’s immune reaction to figure out if a patient’s memory issues are caused by dementia. The test – which was perfectly precise in early US trials – may enable …

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Men are more likely to spend for holiday clothing

One in ten British people purchase a full new closet before going on holidays. However, people don’t wear 33% of clothes that they bring with them, according to the findings of a study. Unlike people’s expectations, it’s men who spend more than ladies on vacation outfits, filling their bags’ 47 percent with new shirt, 41 percent with shorts and 28 …

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Bomb Attack in Heart of Turkey Istanbul


There is bomb attack happened in Turkey at 09:00 AM in local. President Erdogan told “There is no differences if there is a civilian, police or soldier. This means nothing for us and there all is a human beings.” Prime Minister Binali Yildirim condemned the attackers for killing innocents during Ramadan. “This intolerable act of violence must more than ever confirm …

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